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It’s our Wenchiversary!

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By Mary Jo and the rest of the Wenchly Crew

Has it really been thirteen years since we cautiously launched the Word Wenches blog? Indeed yes, and so much has changed in the world, in publishing, and in us. We've lost beloved Wench sisters Edith Layton and Jo Beverley, entered into new genres and new forms of publishing, and we've expanded to having Wenches from Australia, Canada, the UK, and the US so we can truly say that the sun never sets on the Wench Empire!

IceCreamWikipedeaHere is the very first Word Wench blog post, also written by me. (I thought I was better at not volunteering!) Here is also a link for the first month of blogs, as we felt our way into this new enterprise and learned how to use the blog site's tools.

And we're still here, musing three times a week on books, history, travel, and other intriguing topics. Blogging is work even if we each only write one about every two weeks. When on deadline, there can be a mad scramble to swap dates, whip off something very quickly, or republish an older post. But we've kept blogging all these years because, basically, we like doing this.

We like connecting with our readers. We like being able to do quick, low stakes riffs on Dianethings that catch our attention. We LOVE telling readers about our new books, or new authors we've discovered.

For our first anniversary, we did a three part series on Getting Naked With the Wenches, and very popular it was! Part 1, Part 2, Part 3


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Celebrating a special Birthday Week

Hello, Melissa here!

This is a special week for us Wenches.  We have, not one, not two, but three wonderful birthdays to celebrate this week!  


We celebrate Anne on January 14th, and then on Jan 17th we have a double birthday.  Joanna and Susanna share a birthday.  How special is that?  Please join us in wishing the three lovely ladies a very happy birthday, and share our cake with us!  This one is a white cake with buttercream icing.  Do you have a favourite?



RWA 2018: Keepers of Dreams

Susanna here, still trying to figure out what time zone I'm in, with a Very Large cup of coffee on my writing desk and a Very Happy (if slightly Reproachful) poodle curled up on my lap.

Whilst a number of my fellow Wenches were over the pond at the Romantic Novelists' Association conference, I headed off (alone, I believe?) down to the States, to the Romance Writers of America's National Conference in Denver, Colorado.

I had a grand time. I was going to try to gather everything into a coherent and eloquent post, but several days spent in the glorious company of so many other writers and industry professionals has apparently had an effect on my brain, so this will most likely be a little disjointed (sorry).

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