Treasured Timeslips

Fire imageNicola here. As the UK goes into a second lockdown, I’ve been inspired by Christina’s recent post about the Keeper Shelf to turn back to my bookshelves and find solace in old favourites. It was only as I was sorting out all my timeslip books that I realised what a collection I had gathered over the years and in a spirit of nostalgia I thought I would share my favourites and ask for your recommendations. At this time of year, with the spooky goings-on of Halloween, the darker nights and chilly days, it feels a perfect time to read tales of the supernatural. Perhaps it’s the old idea of the veil between the two worlds of the living and the dead being at its thinnest around All Soul’s Day (which is today). Certainly it feels like a good time to slip between time periods, to travel back – or forwards – to a different or alternative world.

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Susanna Kearsley: Hail and Farewell!

by Mary Jo

5 Wenches-RWA

Authors love hanging out with each other, interacting with readers, and writing about delicious bits of research. (Especially historical writers on the research!)

But sometimes an author becomes too busy to include regular blogging in her life.  Such is the case for Susanna Kearsley, who is bowing out with mutual regrets all around.  To say farewell, we're sharing some memories of her and her books.  The picture above is a record-setting five Wenches together in Real Life at last summer's RWA conference in New York.  From left to right: Anne Gracie, Mary Jo Putney, Andrea Penrose, Susanna Kearsley, and Patricia Rice.  (Joanna Bourne arrived later: SIX of us!)


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Doing Murder (Again)

The_Death_of_King_Arthur_by_James_Archer_(1860) 2

The Death of King Arthur, by James Archer (1860), public domain work via Wikimedia Commons

Susanna here. All week I’ve been remembering a vintage post I wrote nearly a dozen years ago, on my now retired Not-A-Blog. I called it, “Doing Murder”, and it went like this:


“I’ve been taken to task several times now for killing off characters readers are fond of. Not in every book, but in enough of them that people sometimes comment on it, and it was the rare review for Every Secret Thing that didn’t make note of the body count.

In my defense, I have to say it’s not a thing I like to do. For starters, I’m the kind of person in my private life who rescues worms from rainy sidewalks, and who captures spiders in a cup and puts them back outdoors instead of squishing them (except the spiders who were always in my bathtub when I lived in Wales, but they were big enough to carry me outdoors, and I did warn them first…) So I’m as sad as anybody when I learn I have to kill a character.

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The Deadly Hours

The Deadly Hours- Cover Reveal Twitter
Susanna here.

One of the many things my fellow wenches have supported me through has been the writing of my first ever novella—a project that took fully as long as any of my novels! That novella, Weapon of Choice, is part of a linked series of four novellas that make up the book THE DEADLY HOURS, a joint effort of love between Anna Lee Huber, Christine Trent, C.S. Harris, and myself, to be published by Sourcebooks and Poisoned Pen Press this September.

Here’s the (I think) beautiful cover, and the official plot summary:

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