AAW: Out My Window

Pat Rice here: Today, we’re going to play a little game called Looking Out My Window. The idea originally came from https://www.window-swap.com/Window at the start of Covid. Anne Gracie blogged about it.

We’ll turn the idea about a bit. Each of us has written a short piece about what we see from the window of our writing space—but I won’t name who wrote the piece. Instead, I have labeled them A, B, C, etc. Let’s have a little fun guessing who wrote which piece, and it would be lovely if you add what you see out your window!


garden and wallThis is a bit tough. I can’t actually see out my office window unless I stand up. I can see the flash of raven shadows as they stop by for a drink from our birdbath. Locating my desk this way is deliberate. I’d never get anything done elsewise. But here’s what I see if I stand and look out. We’re going on vacation shortly, and our daughter is leaving at the same time, and consequently, we have no one to hand water the potted plants. So this is not the usual view. Most of the pretty plants have been moved to a corner where they’re not visible from this angle. We’ve set up a sprinkler to rain on that corner. The hardy geranium is the main pot you see, and the irrigation system should take care of it. There is no tomato in the tomato cage yet, but that’s a small corner of my husband’s vegetable garden. The orange tree is covered with oranges, although they’re hard to see from here. We’ve grown that immense staghorn fern on the fence since it was a little fella. Had to divide it at one point because it got too heavy. The clivia is getting way too much sun now that the carrotwood tree has been trimmed. I can’t see the blooms on the camellia, but I know they’re there. I’ll have to hope that back corner survives while we’re gone!

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Historical English Districts, Architecture, Furniture, and Carpets, oh my!

view of Sherborne CastleBecause I’ll be off to France in another month, I’m squeezing a blog in early, which means I haven’t really had time to think about it. As a result, you are the recipient of my Irish blather—which is more or less how I write. I’ll hope it all comes together by the end!

I have mentioned a time or two that Wycliffe Manor, (and that’s not it in the image but a similar effect, perhaps) the star of my Gravesyde Priory romantic mystery series, is an exclave of Shropshire. Now, I am no student of English districting laws. I do know map of England showing Worcestershirethat the shires or counties or whatever they were called changed regularly, most likely for political reasons. Just to show I am Not Making This Up, in the last 150 years, Worcestershire has had parts of its border modified to be included in West Midlands and Hereford and back again. According to Wikipedia, Worcestershire has the most exclaves of any other county (probably because of the above boundary shifts). There are exclaves of Herefordshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Shropshire floating about within its borders. One town, Tardebigge, has belonged to Worcestershire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, and Worcestershire over the centuries. So I don’t feel the least bit guilty by giving the inhabitants of my manor permission to be utterly confused as to where they send their prisoners!

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Regency Law

cover of Bones in the OrchardMy third Regency romantic mystery, The Bones in the Orchard,  (sample on that page) finally released yesterday! Now that I have the late earl’s family settling into the crumbling, and possibly haunted, Wycliffe Manor, I decided to bring in outsiders. A Regency village really ought to have a curate, shouldn’t it? I told you back in May about my difficulty setting up the chapel and the parsonage occupants.

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Ask A Wench – Winter Blues Anyone?

woman in gown running through snowPat here: In today’s episode of Ask A Wench, Beth Reimer asks: Any ideas for fighting the winter blues? (Beth, you’ve won a free book! I’ll be in touch) It’s the middle of winter in the upper hemisphere, when the days seem darkest and coldest, and the wenches thought this would be a good time to throw in their suggestions!

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