A-Winner We've had lots of winners since our last Winner Announcement!  Jami Smiley won a book from Mary Jo Putney  Jóhanna Gunnlaugsdóttir (all the way from Iceland!) won a book from Jo Beverley. Anne won an e-book from Susan King. Amy Conley and Heather Fulcher each won a book from guest Christina Brooke. Molly Wilsbacher's blog topic suggestion garnered her a book from Patricia Rice.  Barbara Bettis won a book from guest Joan Wolf.  Whew, that's a lot of books!  Congratulations, winners!

Remember to check here on Sundays for Winner Announcements, as well as the Winners sidebar on the right.  In most intances we can look up an e-mail address and send you a private notice asking for your mailing address.  However, in some cases we are unable to locate an e-mail address and must rely on your contacting us after you see your name here or in the sidebar.  In those instances where winners don't contact us, they forfeit their win.  We hate when that happens, but if we have no way of contacting you, it cannot be helped.Calendar

So remember to check here on Sundays, which are reserved for announcements and winner notices!

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