Guests for May

We're gearing up for a busy month in May.  Not only will we be celebrating our THIRD YEAR of blogging (yay, us!), but we've also lined up some awesome guests:

5/6 – Jo will host fantasy and science fiction author Dave Duncan who has published over 40 DaveDuncan novels.  Dave is a writer who masterfully blends genres in a who-dunnit series featuring a sorcerer sleuth in 16th century Venice. Dave will give away a book to one lucky commenter.

5/8 – Anne hosts Nicola Cornick for a return interview about NicolaCornick2 Nicola's upcoming "Fortunes Folly" trilogy, and her e-book prequel to the series which is out this month

5/15 – Mary Jo’s guests will be Diane Gaston, Amanda McCabe, and Deb DiamondsWelbourne Marlowe who will talk about collaborating on connected stories for their anthology, The Diamonds of Welbourne Manor.  Names will be drawn from among the commenters for a book.

MaryBalogh 5/20 – Jo's second guest this month will be the Grande Dame of Regencies, Mary Balogh.    Mary has written over 50 Regencies and Regency historicals and has a huge and devoted following.

Don't run away, now!  We have more announcements.  Rather than make this one horrendously long announcement, we've broken them up into smaller posts.  The next one is below. 

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