Things in Store for 2010

Calendar The Wenches have been busy! We've lined up a full slate of guests and Ask-a-Wench dates in the months to come, so beLaurenWillig sure to check out the Announcements sidebar on the right to see who's up next.

In the meantime, we have two guests this coming week.  Lauren Willig (picture on right) will be Cara/Andrea's guest on Monday.  Lauren is a historical romance writer and author of the Pink Carnation series.

AmmandaMcCabe On Wednesday, Nicola's guest will be Ammanda McCabe (picture on left), historical romance author.  2010 will see the release of the first book in her new Daughters of Ireland trilogy, set against the backdrop of the 1798 Rebellion.

Here's a rundown of confirmed dates for guests so far:

Jan 11 - Lauren Willig (Cara/Andrea, host)

Jan 13 – Ammanda McCabe (Nicola, host)

Jan 15 – Ask-a-Wench (host, Jo)

Jan 22 – Laura Kinsale (host, Mary Jo)

Jan 29 – Karen Harper (host, Mary Jo)

Feb 3 – Stephanie Laurens (host, Jo)

Feb 15 – Ask-a-Wench (host, Anne)

Feb 19 – Leslie Carroll/Amanda Elyot (host, Susan)

Feb 26 – Andrea's debut as Cara Elliott (host, Anne)

Mar 15 – Ask-a-Wench (host, Nicola)

Mar 10 – Michelle Willingham (host, Nicola)

Mar or Apr – Miranda Neville (host, Cara/Andrea)

May 17 – Louise Allen (host, Nicola)

A-Winner We'll be adding to our slate of guests as dates are confirmed, and will keep you updated. Don't forget to check the Winners sidebar, too.  Your name could appear there at any time!  Meanwhile, here are our latest winners:  Maureen Emmons, Carol Thompson, and Cynthia won books from Jo Beverley.  Lindsay Hoffman won a book from Mary Jo Putney. Congratulations, winners!

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