The Accidental Wedding is &1.99

Anne, here, popping in to tell you that the e-book of THE ACCIDENTAL WEDDING is currently $1.99 until September 29, 2023.

AccidentalWeddingAll About Romance gave it a Desert Island Keeper rating.  
Season For Romance — Rating: 10 Top Pick
Night Owl Reviews — Top Pick

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5 thoughts on “The Accidental Wedding is &1.99”

  1. I did pick this up. I feel bad – you(all) are trying to make money, and I’m trying to save money.
    Questions –
    I assume the publisher decides the pricing/sales? Do you have any control over this in your contract? Do the sales lead to other sales in your catalog? Are e-books more profitable for an author than traditional books were ‘back in the day?’ (trying to not feel too cheap here.:) MJP once mentioned about getting her publishing rights back – how long does the publisher typically hold them?
    Feel free to ignore any/all of the questions as they are none of my darn business.
    But thanks for writing books.

  2. Hi Portly Neighbor, thanks for buying my book. Don’t feel bad — this is an older book and the Bookbub special price will, I hope, give it a new lease of life by reaching new readers.
    In answer to your questions, yes, the publisher decides the price, and they organized the Bookbub special. The hope is that it will lead to more sales. I can’t answer whether e-books are more profitable, in that there are so many variations — what the publisher charges, whether the book is self-published or not and more. Self published authors set the price and they will often drop it to give a boost to sales. Some even have the first book in a series free, once they have more in the series. But really, don’t feel cheap — authors are just happy you’ve bought a book.
    Re getting rights back, that all depends on the publisher and the author and the original contract they signed. Before e-books, it usually depended on a certain minimum level of sales or whether the book was out of print. Once that happened authors could apply to get their rights back. Mary Jo was very smart in that she did that, long before many others realized the potential, after all it wasn’t as if we could publish the books ourselves. But then came e-books and accessible print-on-demand and the whole game changed.
    Now, while the e-books are selling, it’s worth a publisher’s while to hang onto the rights.
    Hope that helps.

  3. Thanks for the reply, it answered some nagging 🙂 questions I couldn’t seem to find the answers to. I’ve always wanted to ‘make a living’ and wish the same for others. Especially other’s livings which benefit me!

  4. I am delighted that Kobo is included in the deal as I have given up on kindle ebooks (lousy text to speech). Just bought it as I’m feeling the need for another Anne Gracie HEA!

  5. Thanks, Quantum. I didn’t realise the kindle books were inferior at text-to-speech, so I’m very glad the deal included Kobo. BTW, in the upcoming WWR (What we’re reading) I mention a new-to-me author I really like and the books are in audio.


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