Sherri L. Smith: Honorary Word Wench!

by Mary Jo

Cat 243 Dover In a week that sees a lovely commoner become a royal princess in Britain, I'm delighted to confer a different, well earned title on Sherri L. Smith, who joined us for for an interview on April 25th.  Her fascinating young adult novel Flygirl is about an African-American girl passing for white in order to serve her country as a WASP pilot in WWII.  The book has received many honors, and now Sherri can style herself as an Honorary Word Wench and add the letters HWW after her name. 

As always, the title is acompanied by a virtual gift for which the sky is the limit.  Quite literally in this case! 

Sherri, here is your very own completely restored and ready to fly virtual Curtiss A-25 Shrike, aka "the Hell Diver," a fighter plane that Ida Mae flew.  She didn't get a chance to use it as a dive bomber since she was towing targets, so now is her chance to let 'er rip!

CurtissA-25 Helldiver 

Thanks again for visiting us, Sherri, and may you and your books continue to soar!

Mary Jo