MJPutney_DarkMirror_800Dark Mirror Returns!

by Mary Jo

Authors cherish our books because we love them, since it takes love to keep working when a story turns feral.  But all is forgiven when the book is finished and alive.  This is why I'm so pleased to be reissuing my Dark Mirror Young Adult trilogy with a terrific new set of covers designed by the amazing Kim Killion. (I liked the original cover as well, which is below, but the new ones are more dynamic.)

The series was partially inspired by the parallels between the Napoleonic and World War. In both eras, Britain stood alone against a Continental tyrant who wanted to conquer the world.  The English Channel saved the British Isles from invasion, but it was a near run thing.

I've always loved fantasy and I've enjoyed writing stories that include magic and the challenges of wielding it. In an era of Harry Potter popularity, I had the contrarian idea that it would be fun to write about a school that didn't teach magic, but tried to suppress it because aristocrats despised it.


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