The Joys of Friendship

5 wenchesAndrea here, thinking today about the joys of friendship and all the special ways it can enrich our lives. Here at the Word Wenches, we all write books that have friendship and love at the heart of our stories, though we play with those elemental tropes in our own individual styles. The beauty of friendship is that it has an infinite number of ways to weave us all together.

4WenchesInCTIn our occasional blogs on craft, we’ve talked a lot about the solitary life of a writer, and how we spend a lot of time in the “writing cave” with just our characters for company. (Trust me, there are times I wish I could send them back to their own abode and get them out of my hair! But as with all friends, you quickly learn to love their little quirks . . .)


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A Writers’ Retreat

Anne here, and I'm just back from my annual writing retreat. That's the view from my room, and the balcony where I did a lot of writing. IMG_4707
It's the thirteenth year we've done this, always with the same small group of around eight or nine, so we must be doing something right. (I say eight or nine because one of us now lives in France and can't come every year.) And for the last eight years we've come to the same place. With  views like this, who could resist? As well as the gloriously ever-changing vista of sky and sea — and beach activity — I particularly love the sight of the high-rise buildings of the Gold Coast seeming to float in the distance, like the remnants of some lost dystopian city. FloatingSurfers

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What We’re Reading & a Some Favorite Things

Cat 243 Doverby Mary Jo

At the end of every month, we do a What We're Reading blog, but now and then, we mix it up.  Today is What We're Reading plus A Few of Our Favorite Things.

So these are a few of our Favorite Things!:

CARA/ANDREA: Today Mary Jo suggested we talk not only about favorite books we’ve recently read, but also other “favorites" that have caught our fancy. Now, I always have books to dish about, but last week I saw a wonderful art exhibit in NYC and Bailey--Andreawanted to share some thoughts it provoked. As a college undergrad, I was lucky enough to have studied drawing with William Bailey, and have loved his work from the very first time I saw his paintings. (In addition to being an amazing artist, he was the nicest, most encouraging, warm-spirited teacher one could ever wish for.) Viewing the current exhibition reminded me of how much he influenced my creative life. He’s a leading American Realist, and yet he paints from his imagination—he looks at the objects, but doesn’t set up an actual still life. He simply sees what he wants to do in his mind’s eye.

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