What We Need

Joanna here, thinking about snow and ice and electricity and those things we really need. Snowfall 030613 0038

This last week, a lot of folks in the Central and Eastern US have been enjoying a double helping of ice and snow.  My own power has been off-and-on-ish and very inconvenient I have found it.

The led me to wonder, 'What do we really need?  What's our minimum to get by? 
What is a writer's minimum 'stuff'? 
What's mine?

Wench what we need

me and my stuff

Leesee …

What do I have here while the wind whips by outoors?

My computer, of course.
Any more, that's a Mac.

In the background you see the cat sleeping on the couch.  
There are those who would argue that a cat is necessary for all artistic eWench dog and catndeavors.  (I imagine cats hold to this theory.)  And I will say a cat adds a certain ambiance of authenticity to the writing process.  Any work that's been read out loud to a cat has passed the critical first test.  

Then there is the trusty dog.  Everybody should have something trusty around — dog, budgie, garden gnome.

Over a bit to the right is my roaring fireplace which keeps body and soul together when the temps dip down into the single digits, which it is doing. It's also beautiful.  Maybe writers need something beautiful around the place.


Dog licks 2

see where the dog licks up snow

There, beside the computer, we have the final component of a writer's lifestyle.  There's our cup of coffee, without which no writing gets done.  (Okay.  Okay.  One may substitute tea.) 
(I will also accept the argument for whiskey if one is writing noir detective stories or Urban Fantasy.)

So, my writing requirements are computer and warmth, a dog, a cat, and good brew (of coffee).  

What about you?  When you set out to do creative work — writing, dressmaking, scrapbooking, teaching — what are your essentials  that set you up primed and ready for your work?