The Write Place

Cara/Andrea here, This month is my turn to host our regular "Ask A Wench" feature. Now, as many readers are very curious about where writers meet with their Muse, I decided to answer that general query by showcasing where all of us write. (As we shared the photos on our private loop, they provoked much humorous debate on the virtues of Neat versus . . . um, Not So Neat.) So, here's a a peek at our private spaces (click on the images for a larger view). . .

I write in several places — my office, my local library where I write by hand, and in bed sometimes. The main one is my cluttered (and messy) little office, lined with books — behind my computer you can see several shelves of some of my childhood books, including a shelf of Georgette Heyer novels. It started off as a temporary "bricks and planks" bookshelf of the kind I had in various student houses, and I intended to have proper shelves built, but the bricks and planks have been there for many years now.

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