2021 Anniversary Blog, Part 1

Depositphotos_131678186_xl-2015You're invited to the Word Wenches' Anniversary Garden Party! (Part 1)

Collected by Mary Jo

The Word Wenches blog is 15 years old!  This is ancient beyond words in internet terms, yet we're still here because we love talking about our books and our travels and delicious odd bits of history. Most of all, we like the chance to interact with our readers. 

Our characters have so much to say that this blog will be divided in two with Part 2 posted on Monday the 24th.

The invitations are going out now.  Will you join us?


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Afternoon tea time

Anne here, and today I'm throwing a special afternoon tea party because tomorrow is the 12th anniversary of the word wench blog. Mary Jo will be heading up a group blog on Wednesday, explaining how the blog started, and each of us will talk about what the word wenches means to us, so today is just about eating, drinking and being merry. Cups&Books

So I'm getting out the good china cups and setting out the food, just as I did when I was a kid and Mum would have people over for afternoon tea. 

You will note I say afternoon tea, not "high tea." These days hotels offer "High Tea" —  serving several tiers of dainty cakes and elegant little sandwiches with the crusts cut off, all at a hefty price. They call it ""high tea" I suppose because they think "high" sounds posh, but in fact it's the opposite. 

HighteaHigh tea in the UK was traditionally the evening meal for working people, substantial rather than dainty, and served at the normal dinner table. It was often something hot, like pies or pasties or eggs, or cold cuts and cheese, served with plenty of bread and butter (crusts included) and a big pot of good strong tea.

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