The Blue Stockings

Love_poem_400x400Nicola here, wishing you a very Happy March! March is Women’s History Month, which pays tribute to the generations of women who have contributed to events in history and contemporary society. Andrea/Cara, Anne and I will taking part in the month long celebration over on the Read A Romance site where each day you can read an inspiring piece about women, romance and history. Find out more here!

As part of the celebration I thought I would blog today about my favourite type of historical romance heroines – the bluestockings. I love a bluestocking character. She’s the sort of woman who isn’t afraid to be intelligent in a world that generally prizes beauty over brains, she is clever enough to intrigue the hero and she would probably choose his library over his pecs any day. I've also spotted the bluestocking cropping up in contemporary romance as that geeky girl who gets the best grades – and the hot guy!

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