Heads Up!

Portrait-of-georgiana-duchess-of-devonshireAndrea/Cara here, I was writing a scene in my current WIP the other day in which the heroine, who is visiting the family estate of the hero, is invited to take a walk with him around the grounds. The breeze is ruffling through the climbing roses and boxwood, and I’m about to describe the sensation she feels as it dips and darts through her tresses . . . when of course I remind myself that no proper lady would be outside without her chapeau. Drat.
Bonnet 2Which got me thinking about hats—or more specifically, the headcoverings that were de rigeur for Regency heroines to wear. I find them a nuisance, both in the literary and literal sense. But after muttering a few curses, I started to think more on the subject, and realized that perhaps I was guilty of a gross generalization concerning the accessory. There were, after all, quite a range of choices for ladies of the era. And while I tend to think immediately of the typical chipstraw bonnet, ladies had, in fact a wide range of creative and imaginative headcoverings from which to pick. So I thought it would be fun to take a quick look at some of the stylish “lids” that our heroines might have sported.

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