Just Make Believe! An interview with Maggie Robinson

Just Make Believeby Mary Jo

I'm happy to welcome Maggie Robinson back to the Word Wenches!  Today's blog is not a suggested mental exercise, but the title of her new book, Just Make Believe, third in her delightful Lady Adelaide historical mystery series.  I've been hooked since she mentioned the first Lady Adelaide story to me: Nobody's Sweetheart Now.

Set in the 1920s, the series features Lady Adelaide, the wealthy widow of a philandering war hero, a handsome Detective Inspector who is a half Indian–and Rupert, ghost of Addie's late husband who is trying to work his way into heaven by doing good deeds. He has an annoying tendency to drift into her bedchamber while she's dressing and criticize her choices of costume. <G>

MJP: Maggie, can you tell us more about the series and what you had in mind when you created it?


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