Presidential Pets!

Willow_the_First_Catby Mary Jo

'Tis the Year of the Tiger at the White House as the Bidens have adopted an elegant gray tiger cat named Willow after Jill Biden's home town of Willow Grove.  As anyone who has read my books can guess, I'm a serious cat lover, and I was much taken by the story of how this little gray girl interrupted Dr. Jill during a stump speech in a barn in Pennsylvania during the 2020 presidential campaign. 

Apparently the two of them bonded immediately and Willow has been fostered since then, waiting for the right time to join the Biden household.  (Willow looks rather like my Smokey, who is also an elegant gray tabby.  In my book Once a Spy, a Smokey inspired gray tabby attached himself to the heroine and joined her household under the name Leo. Cats Smokey by the desktoptend to move in like that. <G>  That's my Smokey to the right.)

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