Ask A Wench — Tasty heroes!

JobigblueJo here, pulling together answers to a question sent in by Alison.

"I wondered in regard to their own books, which hero would the wenches want to live happily ever after with and which hero would they just want to have a fling with? I would love to know their reasons why as well. "

Now this proved a bit tricky for us, because we all love all our heroes and at the same time, we all respect their devotion to their heroines, but imagination comes with the job, so here we go.

An interesting question! Hmmm—“keepers” or flings? Well, since I write happily ever after stories for my characters, I hope that all my heroes have the qualities that would make them perfect partners for the long haul.

If it’s that certain spark and sizzle—that aura of danger—which is part of the attraction for a fling, then I hope my men have that too! But when the initial fire dies down, what should shine through is that they are strong, grounded, trustworthy individuals with a sense of humor and spark of playfulness.Too

That said, if I had to choose one of my heroes with whom to ride off into the sunset with, I think it would be Gryff from Too Tempting To Resist. He’s funny, charming, sensitive, smart, loyal and makes his lady laugh. I’m thinking that’s a pretty nice companion for the journey . . . Oh, but then there’s his friend Connor, from Too Wicked To Wed. He’s a touch more serious, but despite his rakish reputation, he’s serious, steady, and utterly unshakeable when it comes to protecting those he cares for . . . which reminds me of Cameron, from Too Dangerous To Desire. Now, he’s a bit more volatile and brooding, but also has a heart of gold, and can be counted on to be a knight in shining armor.

Sigh. Since I’m not the sort of girl who plays around, I think I’ll have to let them live happily ever after—after all, they’re already perfectly matched with a lady love. I’ll just have a hero of my own . . .


  The-perfect-rakeThis is a more difficult question than I thought at first glance. My  initial response was that Gideon from THE PERFECT RAKE would be my HEA  hero, because he's funny and sexy and a devoted husband and father and would be good company for the long haul, but then I had second thoughts. Gideon before he met Prudence was a fun-loving pleasure-seeking rake, and thus would probably only be fling material at that  point. Gideon after he met Prudence would be a wonderful husband — but  only for Prudence, not me. And he wouldn't ever be unfaithful, and I  wouldn't want him to be.

So then I started thinking about some of my other heroes. I'm very fond of Harry, from HIS CAPTIVE LADY, but before Harry met and fell  for Nell, he was quite a withdrawn, intense fellow, indifferent to  whom he married and thinking one woman much the same as another, which  wouldn't do for me at all. Nell and her circumstances brought him out  of himself and made Harry into the man who would make a truly gorgeous  husband. And the more I thought about my heroes, the more I thought it  was true for them all — that none of them would make good husband  material unless I were their heroine. It's the combination of the two,  the unique chemistry that each couple produce that causes the hero to  become wonderful happy ever after material.

Mary Jo
What a terrible thing to ask an author! Because I love all my heroes.  But there are definitely some I’d rather live with myself. The Mayhem Consultant has read and reread The Rake, and I think he rather fancies himself as being like the hero, the dark and dashing Reggie Davenport, who has to 
overcome his alcoholism in order to find his happy ending.

However, in reality the MC is much more like Lord Robert Andreville, the hero of Angel Rogue. Robin is witty, easygoing, and never without a quip, even when things are going sidewise. And under his insouciant charm, he’s  brave and utterly reliable. A man who is reliable and can be trusted is the foundation of a romance hero, I think, no matter how different the personalities are.

That said, I do tend to like the witty ones. My last two Lost Lords’ heroes, Grey Sommers in No Longer a Gentleman and Damian McKenzie in Nowhere Near Respectable are that sort. Others, like Randall in Never Less Than A Lady and Rob Carmichael, hero of my September 2013 book, Sometimes a Rogue, are a little too intense for me. Ultimately, though, I agree with Anne: each hero is perfect for his heroine, and vice versa. I’m just a voyeur as they work out their relationship.


TheDevilishMontague-PRThis is a difficult question to answer. I fall in love with all my  heroes. They all contain bits and pieces of my husband, whom I totally adore. That said, all my heroes might be a little too alpha for me to actually live with. I like the quiet, studious types, and even Blake Montague (in Devilish Montague) has tastes too bloodthirsty for my comfort. Wyckerly from Wicked Wyckerly is a great deal of fun, but a little more extroverted and willing to take risks than I am. Since I don't do flings… that's the best I can do!



I want to have a fling with my character Adrian, from Black Hawk.  He'd be just first-rate certified excellent good in the sack.  Passionate, fun, intent, single-minded, generous.  Adrian is a man who likes every shape and age and style of woman. I find that delightful and encouraging.

Also — I've never exactly written this out — but I think he's inventive.Black Hawk

I wouldn't want to live with Adrian though.  He's got too much energy for me.  He's a man who always has to be up and about, doing something.  I bet he's one of those folks who gets by cheerfully on five or six hours of sleep a night.  I'd find it exhausting as a long-range prospect.

So mebbe a couple intermittent flings over the years.  Just ships passing in the night, like.

I'd like to marry Doyle, from The Forbidden Rose.  Massively strong, massively reliable, massively intelligent, and with a sly sense of humor.  With Doyle, it would be long,interesting evenings talking about everything under the sun, lying in his
arms in front of the fire. And long interesting silences.

I think he's inventive too.


Fun question! I'll admit that a few of my heroes have a deeper hold on my heart. I wouldn't want to push aside the heroines–but if I could do a little shapeshifting and be a few of my heroines, that would be fine by me!  Laird

Scottish rebel James Lindsay from Laird of the Wind-my favorite forest outlaw–has that combination of loyalty, honor and the rebellious freedom-fighting adventurous spirit that I find pretty sexy–and James has a tender, funny love-hate thing going on with a bratty little goshawk that he's training. To be with him, I'd love to be Lady Isobel Seton–a beautiful Scottish psychic being hunted by the English king. Isobel gets to run around the vast forest with the sort of warrior-poet who could have my heart forever.

I'd also love to be the heroine of Lady Miracle (soon to be re-released as an ebook!)–she's a 14th century Scottish physician and healer — and she finds her perfect sparring match in Diarmid Campbell, the warrior who kidnaps her and hauls her off to the remote Highlands. Who wouldn't love that? But he's more than a brawny kilted man–he cares deeply about his ward, a very sick littlegirl. He will do anything for that child–and he also is pretty good at fighting off MacBaddies atevery turn. He's got a a sexy, interesting balance of masculine strength and great tenderness. I could go for that.

Which hero would I NOT want to spend a lifetime with? I'd think twice about throwing my lot in with Macbeth, though in my novel he's a young, intense warrior. But he's definitely an exciting challenge–and Lady Macbeth and I both like a good challenge in a great man.


Desired_350Great question. I'm not sure I would have a fling with any of my heroes. I'm not that sort of girl! I usually want more from my relationships than just a fling and I would want the HEA that was reserved for my heroine!

My heroes all contain the qualities that I admire in my husband – strength of character, courage, resourcefulness, loyalty and a whole lot more. For a HEA I think I would choose Owen in Desired because he is all of those things and is also patient, kind, easy-going and very, very attractive. Tess, the heroine of Desired, is a lucky girl!


LOL! Susan on Macbeth. Definitely a guy to give a lady pause. This is an interesting question because it's about what makes our heroes heroes, though of course in the end they are each perfect for a very different woman, as it should be.

For a fling, I think I'd choose Nicholas from the first book I wrote, An Arranged Marriage. I suspect all authors put parts of their dream man into their first hero. He's not for settling, however, because he's so settled with Eleanor, but he'd make a wonderful weekend lover because, well, he's skilled and he loves making love!Uncountsm

The hero to settle with is trickier because some of them can't help but be dramatically active and in the heart of things and I'm too indolent for that. I think perhaps Cate from An Unlikely Countess, because he has all the more dramatic heroic qualities along with stability and kindness. Above all, he can be content with a quiet life at home.

But then, he is totally content with his Prudence.

So what makes a perfect hero for you — for a fling or for life?

Do any of the Wenches' heroes fit the bill?

Alison will get a book prize for posing this question. I'll give another book to one randomly picked comment that addresses either of those questions.

Have at it!