The Day of the Pine Marten


Wench karen Bullock:Flickr  CC BY-NC 2

photocredit karen Bullock

Joanna here, to say a few words about pine martens and wish them well in their endeavors.

I’m not talking about the American pine marten, fine fellow though he may be, but about the European pine marten. Specifically, the European pine marten in the British isles.

They belong to the same family as otters, weasels, stoats, and polecats. They have the same long sinuous body, the same taste for small animals, and the same tendency to be held in disliked by chicken farmers. It is no accident that “weasel” and “polecat” are not terms of affection.

Martens are native to the British Isles. Original inhabitants, if you would.

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