Let’s Party!

Ycba-VGAndrea here, madly scribbling away on Wrexford & Sloane Book 8, which is due in mid-August. Yes, yes, I know, Book 7 isn’t out until the end of September, but deadlines are set WAY in advance of publication . . . and I need to switch on jet propulsion to get to the finish line on time. (Oh, wait, there was no jet propulsion in the Regency era! Do you think my editor will accept the excuse that steam engines are to blame for not huffing and puffing hard enough? Heh, heh.) (image courtesy of Yale British Art Center)
Getting back to the plot-in-progress, as the action was heating up, I needed somewhere a little different for a meeting of several conspirators. Neither a fancy Mayfair mansion nor a gritty slum was quite right. So I began perusing my historic map of London and the solution quickly jumped out at me . . .

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