It’s That Day Again. Valentines!

Wench anne2Joanna here, with the Wenches, talking Valentines Day and Romance and the cool things that mean love to us.

It's not always what you'd expect.

Anne, being both down-to-earth and so, so right, says:

To be honest, I'm not a big fan of Valentine's Day. It only became popular in Australia after I was an adult, and it felt very commercial. I'm much more in favor of unscheduled expressions of love — a spontaneous gift of chocolates or flowers or something else, a romantic dinner (where you're not jostling in a restaurant with a hundred other couples trying to look romantic), a romantic night in at any time of year, a love-letter that arrives randomly. Even a job that needs doing that's been put off for a while can be

Wench anne1

Flowers. Oh yes

romantic — in the right context. And words of love need to be spontaneous, not scheduled according to the calendar.

And while I love love love roses, I don't love the ones they sell for Valentine's. Beautiful, perfect-looking red roses — without scent. To me that's a bit like a declaration of love without the emotion. I'd much rather a slightly raggedy bunch of roses from the garden, imperfect, but with a glorious scent. Or even not-roses. I have a friend who often arrives for a visit bearing a bunch of flowers from her garden — one or two of each kind, nothing matching or "designer" but so vibrant and pretty and with a lovely meld of fragrances.

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Blue2Hi, Jo here, answering a question that came into the Wenches mail box from Jackie Sinkovitz . You win a book from me, Jackie. If you go to, you can pick one. I don't have spare copies of all, but I'll do my best.

Jackie's question is: "With Valentine Day around the corner, I was wondering if there was designated time of year, or day, that hopeful lovers in Regency times and Medieval times would express their feelings to one another. Like a Sadie Hawkins dance where girls ask boys out. Or perhaps some kind of tradition where a person could let their feelings be known for another without reprimand."

A very interesting question, which led me to different thoughts, some of them speculative.

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