Twelve Days of Christmas

NYChristmas2Pat here!

Like last year, the Wenches are celebrating  the traditional Twelve Days of Christmas (follow the snopes link or this one:  for a historical look at the song. Who knew such a silly song could cause so much controversy?) which run from Christmas Day to January 6th, the eve of Epiphany. 

Each day during the season, a Wench will post a short fun holiday blog.

We've been throwing around ideas of childhood memories and snow.  I don’t “do” snow, apparently not even in childhood since I have no pictures of me in winter, except in front of a fire or a Christmas tree. So I'm offering a memory and not a joyous wintry greeting today.

See that innocent child hugging her dollies? That child hated dollies. She later robbed her baby brother of the lion he’s holding in the second picture, because Leo was obviously meant for her, not an infant  NYChristmas3
who would just slobber all over the proud lion.

I’m not saying Santa makes  mistakes, but someone did! Despite all the stuffed animals collected over the years, Leo remained my staunch companion through the trials and tribulations of the teenage years. I even learned to bandage his many wounds!

How about you? Do you have favorite Christmas memories to share?
Wench Memo:

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