Uncommon Vows: Uncommonly long in arriving!

Cat 243 Doverby Mary Jo

I'm not a big fan of medieval romance.  Too much violence, the position of women was not good, and the plumbing was seriously grim.  But when I was working out my "subversion of the captivity fantasy" novel, I chose a medieval setting for Uncommon Vows because in a more civilized era, my hero would be considered psychotic.  <G>  In the 12th century, he was instead a powerful man who behaved within the parameters of his age. 

A lot of research was involved because I didn't know much about medieval living.  I MaryJoPutney_UncommonVows800decided that I wanted to catch some of the flavor of an age of faith, where the Roman Catholic Church informed every aspect of society.  Europe was bound together with a unity of belief that ended with the Reformation. 


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