Trouble With Air and Magic

PatriciaRice_TroubleWithAirandMagic_200pxPat here.

I like to keep an open mind on anything that hasn’t been
scientifically proven as wrong or impossible. So, yes, as far as I’m concerned,
there may be ghosts and space aliens and psychics and maybe feng shui really
does work.

I realize I cannot provide positive, scientific proof that
any of the above isn’t superstitious hokum, but can anyone really prove
otherwise? I first became interested in feng shui when we moved to a new house
that I didn’t really like. It was dark and boxy and made me uncomfortable, but
it was close to my husband’s job and we could afford it, which wasn’t easily
done in that neighborhood. So I set about improving it by opening up rooms and
adding desperately needed new plumbing. We were only a third of the way through
the process when my husband lost his job. For the first time in our adult
lives, my husband was not working. This was freakish enough to have me
consulting astrologers if they had answers, but they didn’t.

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