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Nala's World bookNala's World

by Mary Jo

Today's blog was inspired by a comment Mary M. made in the June "What We're Reading" blog, always a great source of inspiration and credit card charges.  She specifically directed me toward the book Nala's World: One Man, His Rescue Cat, and a Bike Ride Around the Globe, by Dean Nicholson.  (Mary M., you've earned a book from me for inspiring a blog. Post in the comments and we'll talk about what you'd like.)

Dean was a big hairy tattooed laborer in Dunbar, Scotland, by whose own admission has spent much of his 20s drinking beer and smoking pot. With 30 approaching, he decided that he wanted to bicycle around the world: "take to the road to find his road."

He set off in September 2018 with a pal.  They split soon since they had different interests and Dean wanted the wild open spaces.  A couple of months later he was cycling through Montenegro when he heard a plaintive meowing behind him. He stopped and found that he was being pursued by a skinny tabby cat who desperately wanted to make friends.  Being a big old softy, he picked her up, fed her some pesto which she liked, and put her in his bicycle's carrier because he couldn't leave her in such a barren.


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