Jo Beverley: Too Dangerous for a Lady!

Cat 243 DoverBy Mary Jo

I  shamelessly begged for an advance reading copy of Jo Beverley's new book, Too Dangerous for a Lady.  It's a great read, with romance, suspense, and even medical matters of the time.  Not only is the story a Romantic Times Top Pick (along with new books from Wenches Patricia Rice and Cara Elliott), but it received a wonderful review in Publisher's Weekly:  "Beverley's brilliantly drawn protagonists shine in a  story that puts equal emphasis on intrigue and love."

Too Dangerous is set in Jo's long-running Regency Rogues World.  There's more about the Rogues here.

MJP: Jo, is it true that the Rogues are the longest-running series of Regency heroes? Tdyalmod

JB: As best I can tell. The first book came out in 1991, which means 24 years. The characters have covered three years in fifteen books.

 MJP: How do Mark and Hermione fit into the Rogues World?

JB: I completed the stories of the 10 surviving members of the Company of Rogues in To Rescue a Rogue, but I've written spin-off characters along the way. Two years ago I was considering a few characters who are waiting in the wings, but then some of my readers asked  about the families of the two dead Rogues. When I wrote the first book, set in 1814, it seemed unlikely that out of twelve young men none had died in the ongoing war, so  I killed off two. We authors are so carelessly cruel.

Cue Lady Hermione Merryhew, sister of Lord Roger Merryhew. Roger joined the army and was killed in Spain. His older brother has since died so the family title,  Marquess of Carsheld, has gone to a distant relative.


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