Ten Years of Retreating

Anne here, and no, I'm not talking about a very slow military retreat, but my annual writing retreat with a group of eight other writers. I'm away in Queensland, on retreat at the moment, and we're celebrating our tenth anniversary. That's ten years with the same group, spending a week together each year writing, talking writing and publishing, sharing our knowledge and socializing, and I thought I'd like to reflect on that. FromBalcony

It started initially as a way to support writers we knew who were relatively isolated, especially from other romance writers. We were all published, but our editors were overseas, in London and New York. We didn't all know each other at the first retreat, and we came together a little cautiously, wondering if this would work.

We came from four Australian states and one person from New Zealand. To give you an idea of the distances, the writer from Far North Queensland lived as far from the next published romance writer as the distance from London to Moscow. Ten years later, a couple of the original members of the group have dropped out, but we're still from four Australian states, and the NZer has spent the past year living in a beautiful medieval town in the south of France. And we're still going strong: for all of us, this retreat each March remains a highlight of our writing year.

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