The Scoundrel’s Daughter: an interview with Anne Gracie

Mary Jo here. Today I'm delighted to interview my sister Word Wench, Anne Gracie  about her new book, The Scoundrel's Daughter, the first in her new series, The Brides of Bellaire Gardens.


Reviews so far have been very positive. On Book Page it was called "an excellent new romance" and concludes "Within these two love stories, Gracie paints a beautiful portrait of two women becoming fuller, happier versions of themselves." The blog Flippin' Pages gave it 5 stars and said: "This delightfully romantic and entertaining book has it ALL!  Wonderful characters, wit, laugh-worthy humor, a despicable, shrewish harpy who definitely gets her comeuppance, TWO swoon-worthy romances, three adorable little girls, and it is all set a very realistic and well-described Regency London." 

MJP: Anne, your cover is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen and it reflects the setting of the book.  Romance series most often are built around family members or groups of friends, yet you've chosen a physical setting, Bellaire Gardens, a place so charming that we Word Wenches chose it for the setting of this year's Anniversary Blog, part 1 and part 2.

Anne: Thanks, Mary Jo — I feel very blessed to get that beautiful cover. The Berkley Art Dept. has done a wonderful job. I sent them the photo below of a wisteria arch and they clearly liked it.

As for the setting, I wanted something a little bit different to connect the various characters and, since I've always loved gardens, I chose a large private garden, surrounded by houses and only accessible through each house's back gate. Each of the women in the series live on Bellaire Gardens, and of course, they each will become brides.

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Quiz — The Scoundrel’s Daughter

Anne here, and for your entertainment, here's a quiz on a book you haven't yet readThe Scoundrel's Daughter, which comes out on August 24th. ScoundrelsDaughterMed
A few reviewers and most of the wenches have read it, but that's all. And since it's the start of a new series, you won't know any of the characters from earlier books. So it's not testing anything — you can only guess at the answers — it's just for fun. 

The intent is to give you a little taste of the book to come, something a bit different from an excerpt or a blurb. (Mary Jo is also interviewing me about the book on 25th August.

So here it is, a fun little quiz on a book you haven't read. Grab a pen and paper to make a note of your answers, then check them via the link at the bottom and come back and tell us how you went. I'll be giving a copy of The Scoundrel's Daughter to someone who leaves a comment.

1)  The "scoundrel" in the title is:—
a)  a blackmailer
        b)  a rake
        c)  a thief
        d) a swindler

2)  There are two couples in this story. The younger couple meet:—
        a)   at Almacks
        b)   during a curricle race  
        c)   at a costume ball
        d)   in the garden at Bellaire Gardens

3)  When the younger couple meet, Lucy, the scoundrel's daughter is carrying:—
a)   a wet kitten
        b)   a goose
        c)   a picnic basket
        d)   a large bunch of flowers

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2021 Anniversary Blog, Part 1

Depositphotos_131678186_xl-2015You're invited to the Word Wenches' Anniversary Garden Party! (Part 1)

Collected by Mary Jo

The Word Wenches blog is 15 years old!  This is ancient beyond words in internet terms, yet we're still here because we love talking about our books and our travels and delicious odd bits of history. Most of all, we like the chance to interact with our readers. 

Our characters have so much to say that this blog will be divided in two with Part 2 posted on Monday the 24th.

The invitations are going out now.  Will you join us?


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