A quiz on The Rake’s Daughter

Anne here, and for your entertainment, here's another quiz on a book you haven't yet read, The Rake's Daughter, which comes out on July 26th. A few reviewers and some of the wenches have read it, but that's all. So it's not testing anything—you can only guess at the answers — it's just for fun. RakesDaughterFINAL

I'm also trying to avoid spoilers here — it's intended to give you a little taste of the book to come, something a bit different from an excerpt or a blurb.

So here it is, a fun little quiz on a book you haven't read. Make a note of your answers, check them on the link at the bottom and come back and tell us how you went, and whether you enjoyed it or hated doing a quiz on something you can't know. I'll be giving a copy of The Rake's Daughter to someone who leaves a comment.

1)   When Sir Bartleby Studley discovers he has a young illegitimate daughter whose mother has just died, he:—     

a) immediately makes arrangements to adopt her.
b) gives her to one of his farm tenants to raise.
c) decides to dump her in the nearest orphanage.
d) decides to send her back to her maternal grandparents.

2)   When Clarissa Studley, almost 9, meets her illegitimate half-sister :—

a) she's initially jealous and wants her gone.
b)  she's upset because her father cares more for the girl than for her.  
c)  she decides to keep her.
d)  she's angry because Izzy is pretty and she's not.

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