The Comfort of Cookies—Then and Now

Christmas_sugar_cookies _January_2010Andrea/Cara here, musing today on cookies. First of all, it’s the season to think of platefuls of these delightfully delicious holiday treats! (What would December be without that tradition to add to the festivities . . . umm, and the waistline.) But I also got to thinking about how they are a balm for the spirit in any season. Admit it, a plate of warm cookies and milk (or cocoa) helps lifts the spirit in times of stress.

UnnamedAnd I confess, I’ve had some stresses lately. My websites were hacked by some malicious l malware and it’s been a nightmare trying to them fixed—apologies to all of you who got the December Wench newsletter and couldn’t get to the link for my free chocolate recipes. The problem is now fixed, and you can go there now and get it. Just click here.) Trust me, I had more than a few late night cookie breaks!

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