Time Travel with Anna Belfrage!

Anna BelfrageNicola here. Today it's my very great pleasure to welcome Anna Belfrage to the Word Wench blog. I first met Anna at a Historical Novel Society Conference a few years ago when she and Word Wench favourite Christina Courtenay gave a fantastic talk about the pleasures and perils of writing timeslip and time travel books. In fact Anna says that if she had had the choice, her favoured career would have been as a time traveller, but as this isn't currently a job option (which I think many of us feel is a great shame!) she does the next best thing which is write. Her award-winning Graham Saga is set in the 17th century and is a must for all those readers who enjoy history, intrigue and romance! Today Anna is going to tell us about the research she has done into one of the most fascinating figures of the 17th century, Queen Kristina of Sweden. Read on for a real life story that is more astonishing than fiction – and for the chance to enter a giveaway for one of Anna's books!

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