Novellas: A Little Bit of Christmas!

MaryJoPutney_TheBlackBeastofBelleterre_800By Mary Jo

There have been novella anthologies on many themes and for many holidays, but Christmas novella anthologies blow all the rest out of the water. 

A novella is usually defined as between 20K and 40K words, so it's more than a short story–it's long enough to have character development, a proper romance, and a plot.  Christmas, with warm fuzzies and over the top sentimentality, is perfect for novellas. <G>

Those of us who started out as Regency writers at NAL tend to have written more than our share of Christmas novellas–I certainly have!  I've collected mine into two different collections:  CHRISTMAS REVELS, with five novellas, and CHRISTMAS CANDLES, which has two novellas. 

But today's riff is because I've produced two of the stories from Christmas Revels as standalone e-books: The Christmas Cuckoo has been available as an e-book for several years, and I quite recently produced an audiobook version which is available for a very modest sum. 


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Audiobooks!  Angel Rogue & The Christmas Cuckoo

MaryJoPutney_AngelRogue_Audioby Mary Jo

FINALLY these two audio projects are available after a long time in process. Both are narrated by the most excellent Siobhan Waring, who has narrated four other of my Fallen Angels books. 

One of my goals has been to have all seven books in my Fallen Angels series available in audio, and with Angel Rogue, Fallen Angels #4, that goal has been achieved. 

I've always had a special fondness for Robin and Maxie, the protagonists of Angel Rogue.  Lord Robert Andreville is the black sheep son of an aristocratic family.  He first appeared as an ambiguous secondary character in the previous book in the series, Petals in the Storm.  After years of dangerous spying against Napoleon, he returns to his family home weary to the bone and with a bad case of PTSD before the term existed. 


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The Petals Audiobook Has Arrived!

By Mary Jo

In June, I blogged about the cover evolution of my book Petals in the Storm, from its first appearance as a Signet Regency titled The Controversial Countess to the most recent incarnation.  Here's the link if you'd like to see the cover changes over the years MaryJoPutney_PetalsintheStorm_Audio copy

Petals is my only book with a first scene that was the last scene of the previous book, only told from this hero's point of view while in The Bargain, we watched the action through other eyes.  It was that last scene that made me interested enough in Rafe Whitbourne, the Duke of Candover, to want to write a book about him.  I virtually never write dukes; generally it's only when I want a male character who is at the top of Britain's aristocratic pecking order–and pays the price for it.  

Petals is a second chance at love book.  Rafe and Margot had fallen in love and become betrothed when they were very young–and the relationship had exploded, mostly but not entirely Rafe's fault.  Now, during the post-Waterloo Paris Peace Conference, Rafe and Margot must work together to prevent a new cataclysm–and in the process, come to terms with the past. (Yes, Rafe must grovel.  It's good for him. <G>) 

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Christmas Revels!

Cat 243 Doverby Mary Jo

"Revel" derives from a Middle English word that means "celebrate," and it always sounds happy to me.  That's why I chose the name Christmas Revels years ago for a print collection of five of my holiday novellas.  All of those stories have been released in different e-versions in recent years, but now, for the first time, I'm collecting those original five back into an e-book version of Christmas Revels.  

MaryJoPutney_ChristmasRevels200The title had been in my mind for years, ever since we visited my sister and her husband in Boston one holiday season, and she took us to the Christmas Revels, a delightful sort of medieval variety show inspired by historic mummer plays.  The performance was held in a theater on the Harvard campus, I think, and was loosely structured around the old tale of Gawain and the Green Knight.  Lots of music, dancing, and hammy comic acting.  

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