Nal2Hi, here's Jo, writing from England an the day before American Thanksgiving, so I have to address it, don't I? (I've used a pic of me and Andrea, because I'm definitely thankful for the Wenches, and also for my recent cataract operations which mean I don't need those glasses anymore. Yay! If there are typos here it's because my eyes are still getting used to the new order and I have some double vision on the screen. Getting better every day, though.) 

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We don't have a Thanksgiving day here. I lived for decades in Canada, which celebrates Thanksgiving, but in October and not with quite such fervour as in the States.

What is Thanksgiving?That might seem like a dumb question — Pilgrims, first settlements, turkey etc. But I was listening to a radio programme where they said the origins are debatable, and when I checked, it's true(You canread about the issue here.)

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