Heyer Society: Insights About an Icon

Heyer Society Coverby Mary Jo

Few authors can be credited with inventing a genre, but Georgette Heyer is one of them. Her witty and insightful novels set in early 19th century British society created an irresistible world that has been drawing in readers and writers for decades.

I am one of them. My first novel, The Diabolical Baron, had a few hints of the writer I've developed into, but overall, it's so influenced by Georgette Heyer that I should probably pay royalties to the Heyer estate. <G> I cherish the discussions I've had with other Regency writers on Our First Heyer Novel.

Heyer's work and world are continuing sources of fascination, and now writer Rachel Hyland has just published a delicious collection of essays about that work and world. Heyer Society: Essays on the Literary Genius of Georgette Heyer.

Just reading the titles of the essays is mouthwatering, but even better, today we're lucky enough to have as a Word Wench guest Jennifer Kloester, who is probably the world's leading authority on Georgette Heyer. Author of the definitive Georgette Heyer biography, Jen is a novelist in her own right, and a contributor to Heyer Society.

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Jo3rwablueHi, Jo here, busy, busy, busy. And behind.

All the regular Wench readers will know that Anne, Nicola, Mary Jo and I were away at the RWA conference in San Antonio. For me and Nicola that meant jet lag as well as introvert exhaustion. I used to think that introvert meant someone who hid away from people, but according to the Myers-Briggs personality test, it means we give out energy when we're with people. Once I heard about that it explained why I'd go to conferences, have a great time, but find myself back in my room reading a book. Refueling. In testing, nearly all writers turn out to be introverts, which isn't surprising as we spend a lot of time alone with out inner world.

Extroverts, in MB, take in energy when they're with people, so tend to choose professions involving a lot of contact with people. I haven't read any data on this but I suspect that extrovert writers are the ones who love to write in a busy coffee shop and seek out as many speaking engagements and media opportunities as they can, or perhaps even have a part time job when they don't need the money.

Any idea which you are?

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