Happy Feet!

Andrea here, musing on footwear. There is a specific reason—but there will be some meandering hither and yon before I reach my ultimate destination.

First, let’s take a stroll through a Regency drawing room . . . I’ve always thought that the era’s fashions are attractive. The gowns of  the ladies offered a stylish array of cuts, colors and fabrics. And the attire for gentlemen was equally elegant—breeches or tailored trousers, waistcoats, where color and texture could a pop of individuality, and a variety of styles for evening coats.

But I must say, the footwear strikes me as less than ideal. Fragile and delicate slippers for the ladies provided little support and cushioning for the ladies. Hessians or heeled pumps for gentlemen were both fashioned on a straight last, meaning that the wearer had to break them in to form the right and left foot. Ouch!

The working class of course needed practical study footwear for all manner of activities, so there was a wider variety. But still, the museum displays I’ve seen have me mentally limping.

When you think about it, comfortable—I mean, really comfortable—footwear is a rather recent development. All the high-tech fabrics, rubbers, gels and space-age cushioning, combined with CAD design and cutting edge engineering, have provided the ability to fashion shoes to fit most every imaginable activity.  (Well, maybe not every one. . . but close!

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