Movie Review – Hilma

Hilma posterChristina here with a movie review, which is something the Wenches thought we would try occasionally this year if we came across one we would really like to recommend. As the film in question is biographical, I have combined it with information about the subject of the movie, who was a real person.

I have to admit I don’t often go to the cinema to see Oscar-worthy films because I usually find them either boring or too sad. (I’m very shallow in my movie choices!). It has always seemed to me that the more heart-wrenching the story, the more Oscars it gets. And I don’t handle sad endings well. However, a little while ago I let my neighbour drag me along to see a film called Hilma. It’s a true story about a Swedish artist called Hilma af Klint, and she was more or less unknown until fairly recently.

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Astrology vs Astronomy

Rice_MysticRider200x300 Pat here: 

  Humans have been fascinated with the stars since we gathered around the campfire chowing down on mammoth meat. We simply didn’t have the ability to record that fascination before the third millennium BC. At that time, there was no practical difference between astrology and astronomy and the words used to describe this science were the same. Mostly, ancient astronomers correlated the position of the constellations with the seasons and attempted to predict the weather. If one associates a winter constellation with cold and snow, that’s a pretty accurate prediction.

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