The Sparky Report #12


Good day, readers! I managed to catch Sparky Tabasco in a quiet moment with surrogate papa, Christopher. The above picture is proof that Sparky does have non-shenanigan moments. She has to. How else can she replenish her mischief tanks?  *g*

Much of the time, she delights in tormenting Shona, my Boxer, as shown in the below picture. Shona happened to be walking past my desk when Sparky decided to practice her ambush skills. As you can tell by the hilariously startled look on Shona's face, Sparky's ambush was a success!


Sparky has recently discovered the delights of the wastepaper basket under my desk, and it has become her favorite ambush hideout. With just her ears and eyes visible over the rim, she lies in wait for unsuspecting passers-by, then pops up like a jack-in-the-box to administer a series of pats.


Here she is, plotting to ambush Christopher, who's pretending to be asleep.


And here they are playing slap-slap. Even though Christopher is a senior citizen, he has to be the best-natured cat ever.


After a day of ambushes and other high-jinks, Sparky usually finds a place to flake out. In the below picture, she has settled into the vee of my legs on the recliner, front legs hanging down by her sides, and one hind leg sticking straight up in the air. She slept like that until I had to get a drink of water. Never a dull moment around this place!


Do your cats sleep in weird positions? Or weird places? If you have more than one cat, do they sleep together, or with the dog?




I think Sparky Tabasco is hanging around the dog too much. She has become quite the ball chaser and
fetcher. It began innocently enough. One day I wadded up a ball of paper and tossed it toward the wastepaper basket. I missed, and Sparky pounced on it, then batted it all over the house with great
SparkyFetch enthusiasm. The next time I wadded up another paper ball, she watched me eagerly, so I threw it toward her. She became a wild woman, batting and pouncing on the ball like a demented ferret. Then, surprisingly, she brought it to me and dropped it at my feet. I obligingly threw it for her again. She barreled after it and once more dropped it at my feet.

Now, whenever Sparky hears the crinkle of paper being wadded into a ball, she comes running, eager for a game of fetch. And just like a dog, when she sees me cock my arm to throw the ball, she's already racing across the floor to intercept it.


Wadded up paper balls aren't the only thing Sparky plays with. I took a picture of all the Sparky toys I picked up off the floor today before vacuuming: bottle caps, pencils, saftey pins, Q-tips, pot scrubber, a Triscuit cracker, hair clips, binder clips, rubber bands, grocery store coupon, dental floss container . . . to name a few. They were spread throughout the house, and yes, some of her toys could be dangerous, like safety pins and screws. But these are items Sparky stole when my back was turned. I didn't give them to her.



If you're a cat owner, or a former cat owner, did your cat fetch? Did he/she have a special toy that was a favorite? An unusual toy? Did your cat steal items off your desk or kitchen counter?