How Connected are You?

Social media 1Nicola here and today I’m talking about social media. Later this week I’m heading to the Romantic Novelists’ Association Conference in Telford, Shropshire, where one of the talks I’m doing is a joint workshop with Sarah Morgan called “Let’s Get Social.” There’s a certain irony in my talking about authors and social media, or even social media in general. I have a love/hate relationship with it to say the least. But perhaps that can be useful because whilst Sarah is a social media guru extraordinaire, I’m more the person who grumbles because I know that these days it’s an integral part of being a writer but I’m not always good at using it or very committed. So hopefully we will be representing different aspects and attitudes of the authors who will be present. And one thing that I do agree wholeheartedly with Sarah on is that it’s all about engagement. I love chatting about books, writing and history amongst other things so if I want to do that I need to make contact with like-minded people and beat my technology phobia!

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What being a Word Wench Means to Us

  Word Wench banner

Nicola here. Today, as part of our Word Wench Blog 10th anniversary celebrations, we’re talking about what makes the Word Wenches such a special group to be a part of. Some of us are founder members of the blog and talk about the reasons it was set up in the first place and the ways in which it has grown and changed. Others, myself included, became Wenches along the way and joined a blog that continues to be dynamic, diverse, and fascinating, and a group of writers who are wonderfully insightful and supportive. Then there are our readers and regular blog commenters. Again, some have been with the blog since the beginning and others have joined in along the way, and together we have created what feels to me to be a special community. That’s my view of the Word Wenches, anyway – here is what my fellow Wenches have to say, plus some photos of Wenches having fun – at conferences, at weddings, with hats and even by the sea!

Pat and AnnePat:

Ten years ago, the Word Wenches came together because our NYC traditional publishers requested that we begin interacting with our readers through social media. For introverted writers accustomed to spending all our days in our writing caves, only coming out to meet readers on special occasions, this was a huge technological and social leap into the unknown. So we banded together and held each other’s hands and took the leap. At that time, in 2006, I was finishing up the Magical Malcolm series, starting on the Rebellious Sons, writing an urban fantasy, and wishing I could publish my satirical mystery. My how time flies!

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