A Yuletide Kiss

Yuletide kissby Anne Gracie

Anne here, interviewing Mary Jo Putney about her delicious new Christmas story, which came out last week. A Yuletide Kiss, an anthology written with Madeline Hunter and Sabrina Jeffries, brings together three couples caught out by a snowstorm and stuck at the White Rose Inn in the days leading up to Christmas.

Anne: Mary Jo, you've written linked stories before with other authors — The Last Chance Christmas Ball comes to mind — but this was only with two other authors, instead of eight. How did you work to make the stories intersect? Were there any difficulties?

Mary Jo: Anne, we were both part of the Word Wench linked story anthology, so you know that it's real work!  In LCCB, we had eight authors contributing, but they varied greatly in how much the stories connected. (Susan King's Scots got snowed in and never made it to the ball at all. <G>) 


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