Snobbery and Exclusivity

Anne here, starting off with a one-question mini-quiz. In the Regency-era (1811—1820), what was a snob? (Hint: these are all true dictionary definitions.)


a) A shoemaker or cobbler; a cobbler's apprentice.
b) A game of cricket played with a soft ball and a thick stick in lieu of a bat.
c) The last sheep to be sheared; the roughest or most difficult sheep to shear. 
d) Any one not a gownsman (university student); a townsman.
e) A person belonging to the ordinary or lower social class; one having no pretensions to rank or gentility.
f) A person who has little or no breeding or good taste; a vulgar or ostentatious person.
g) A person who admires and seeks to imitate, or associate with, those of higher social status or greater wealth; one who wishes to be regarded as a person of social importance. 
h) A person who despises those whom he or she considers to be inferior in rank, attainment, or taste. 

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