Silk and Shadows in Audio!

Silk and Shadows Audioby Mary Jo

I've promised that audiobooks of my Silk Trilogy were on the way, and now the first, Silk and Shadows, is available with Silk and Secrets and Veils of Silk on the way.  Once more the wonderful Siobhan Waring is the narrator, as she has been for all my audio releases for more than a year. 

I think of Silk and Shadows as my Count of Monte Cristo story.  The first sentence of the book is, "He called himself Peregrine, the Wanderer, and he came to London for revenge."


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Petals in the Stormby Mary Jo


Those of you who have been following me here know that I've had a slow but ongoing program to get more of my stories into audio format.  The main reason is because a fair number of people really like audio books.

They're great for those with commutes, or who want the distraction of stories while gardening or doing housework or other mundane tasks.  They're also a real boon for those with vision problems.  (My mother listened to a lot of audiobooks from the National Library of the Blind in her later years.)


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Audiobooks!  Angel Rogue & The Christmas Cuckoo

MaryJoPutney_AngelRogue_Audioby Mary Jo

FINALLY these two audio projects are available after a long time in process. Both are narrated by the most excellent Siobhan Waring, who has narrated four other of my Fallen Angels books. 

One of my goals has been to have all seven books in my Fallen Angels series available in audio, and with Angel Rogue, Fallen Angels #4, that goal has been achieved. 

I've always had a special fondness for Robin and Maxie, the protagonists of Angel Rogue.  Lord Robert Andreville is the black sheep son of an aristocratic family.  He first appeared as an ambiguous secondary character in the previous book in the series, Petals in the Storm.  After years of dangerous spying against Napoleon, he returns to his family home weary to the bone and with a bad case of PTSD before the term existed. 


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Shattered Rainbows: Audio & Interview!

ShatteredRainbowsby Mary Jo

The Sound of Shattered Rainbows

I don't spend enough time driving to be much of an audiobook listener, but I know a lot of romance fans love them, so ideally I'd like to have all my classic backlist titles available in audio for those who prefer the format.

However, producing them myself is very expensive and after doing audio of The Bargain, Thunder and Roses, and Dancing on the Wind, I gave up doing them for a while.

However, the market and the economics are continually changing, so I decided to give it another try, starting with Shattered Rainbows, Fallen Angel #5, which is a particular favorite of mine. A RITA finalist and 4 1/2 star GOLD rating from Romantic Times, it's a complicated story of complicated people and enduring love. Here's the blurb:


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