A Look at Lima

Cat 243 Doverby Mary Jo

When I blogged about our cruise on the upper Amazon, , I threatened another blog about Lima, the capital city of  Peru.  I don't make idle threats. <G>  But never fear, mostly I'm going to show pictures.

I spent very little time there, just two overnights in a hotel, and a coach tour of city highlights the morning before we flew into Amazonia to catch our cruise boat, but Lima made a strong impression on me.

Peru itself is a fascinating country, sharply divided into three distinct climate zones.  The coastal area where Lima is located is harsh, narrow desert, and the city's microclimate Larco Herrara Museum produces months of fog but almost no rain despite its closeness to the Pacific Ocean.  Most of the city's water comes from rivers that flow down from the Andes, the dramatic mountain backbone  of the country.  (Luckily, our touring day was lovely and sunny.)

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