Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair

Young Lady At Her Toilet  Combing Her Hair de Peters
















Joanna here, thinking about intimate Regency customs.
Hair washing, y'know.

There's a widely held notion that Regency folks were not scrupulously clean in their bodily habits. For instance, I hear, “They didn’t wash their hair. Not at all.
Not ever.

On the other hand, Regency folk might think we smell dreadfully of chemicals,
or we have no human smell at all,
so it may be somewhat in the way we look at things.

Moving on to the matter of hair washing.

In the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries, except for a decade or two after 1790, about all women wore their hair long. Those with time and inclination curled, crimped, and powdered to match their highly decorated clothing as they went about town. The great fashionables showed up at grand balls or receptions in confections that towered a foot or more in the air, festooned with fruit, flowers, feathers and jewels.

Wenchjohn russell?1790ish

~1790s short hair

just really fancy hair

this is probably an exaggeration









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