One Wicked Winter Night

OneWickedWinterNightby Mary Jo

I really enjoy writing novellas because the whole process of "Inspiration! Disillusion! Panic! Frantic finishing! then, Success!" is compressed into a much shorter time span.  It's also possible to explore story ideas that aren't complex enough for a full length novel, but will still be fun.  So I was happy when Kensington invited me to be in a Christmas anthology with two other Kensington historical authors, Madeline Hunter and Sabrina Jeffries.

Seduction on a Snowy Night was published in 2019 in a trade paper edition, and the next year in a mass market size.  Now Kensington has come up with the very fun idea of publishing each of the novellas separately as a freestanding Christmas novella. Hence my story. One Wicked Winter Night, has just been released with a lovely new cover. 

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Favorite Christmas Stories

Last Chance Christmas Ballby Mary Jo

The original Christmas story is of the journey to Bethlehem and the newborn infant who was laid in a manger, and the holiday has been inspiring Christmas stories ever since. They are stories of warmth, family, and love, of kindness and reconciliation.  One of the most famous is the poem "'Twas The Night Before Christmas" written in 1823 by Clement Clark Moore.  The depictions of Santa Claus, the chimney, and the sleigh pulled by reindeer have helped shape the imagery of American Christmases ever after. 

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Seduction on a Snowy Night!

Seduction on a snowy nightby Mary Jo

Holiday anthologies are fun to read and fun to write, so I was happy to sign on to this project with two other Kensington authors, both bestsellers and friends of many years, Madeline Hunter and Sabrina Jeffries.

Seduction on a Snowy Night received a starred review from Library Journal, and is listed as one of BookPage's top Christmas romance reads. Publishers Weekly said, "Christmas touches appear throughout, and the passion is hot enough to melt a snow bank. This fanciful Regency anthology will keep readers warm all winter."

Though the three of us all write mostly in the Regency period, we're very different writers, and I had fun reading through the draft book several weeks ago and enjoying how very different we all are when it comes to stories of romance, Christmas, and abduction!  Read on to learn more:


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