The Fine Art of Regency Satire

Gillray_plumpuddingAndrea/Cara here, musing today about the power of the pen—or in this case, the quill. In Murder on Black Swan Lane, the first book in my new Regency-set mystery series, which will be released on June 27th, I decided to make my heroine, Charlotte Sloane, a satirical cartoonist, as it seemed to me to be a perfect profession for someone who also proves skilled at unraveling diabolical mysteries. After all, skewering the political and social foibles of an era MBSL coverrequires a razor-sharp eye, a keen understanding of human nature—warts and all!—and a sardonic sense of humor . . . not to speak of a vast network of eyes and ears to keep informed of all the latest gossip and scandals.

I found wonderful inspiration for Charlotte in the real-life Regency artists, as the era is considered by many to be the golden age of satirical prints. Two of my favorites are James Gillray and Thomas Rowlandson, who combined cutting edge wit and perception with exquisite artistic skills.

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