Sailing the Danube Continued

MebikePat here:

That's me on a fake penny farthing–a vehicle that plays a part in my March release, Lessons in Enchantment. I couldn't resist the photo op. I don't know how anyone climbed on one of those things unless it was stuck to the ground like this one!

In my last blog , I described the first few days of my Viking tour of the Danube and lamented that I didn’t have room to get into the really magical stuff. My memory isn’t of the best, but I’m hoping if I dig around in our tons of photos that I may be able to piece together the rest of the journey.

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Touring the Danube

Salzburg mePat here (and in Salzburg in the image):

I have spent most of my life reading about European history. My great-aunt once gave me an enormous picture book about the customs of different countries. It was much too advanced for my six-year-old prowess, but I poured over those exotic photos for years, so I was indoctrinated early. My life-long reading habit took me from the courts of Britain to the peasant huts of Russia. Research for my Regencies, including the Napoleonic Wars, immersed me in the histories of most of Europe. But reading about palaces and medieval towns isn’t the same as actually standing in them.

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