An Interview with Sally Mackenzie!

Sally MacKenzie Press Photo 2Nicola here. Today it is my very great pleasure to welcome bestselling author Sally Mackenzie to the Word Wench blog to talk about her new book, How to Manage a Marquess, which is released tomorrow! I first came across Sally's writing in her wonderful Naked Nobility series and I love the way that the humour in her books combines with poignancy and emotional depth. I enjoyed How to Manage a Marquess so much I went straight out and bought the rest of the Spinster House series and glommed on it. Sally, welcome to the Word Wenches! Please tell us a little about How to Manage a Marquess.

How to Manage a Marquess is the second full-length novel in my Spinster House series, preceded by a novella, In the Spinster’s Bed (which was first released as an e-book, but will be included in the print edition of Marquess) and the first novel, What to Do with a Duke.

The series is built on events that happened in the village of Loves Bridge two hundred years earlier. The then Duke of Hart got spinster Isabelle Dorring pregnant and almost immediately married another woman. Legend says that Isabelle, understandably distraught, cursed the duke’s line and then drowned herself and her unborn baby in Loves Water. Before ending her life, however, she left instructions that her house could be occupied only by a spinster, and that whenever there was a vacancy, the Duke of Hart had to come himself to choose the next tenant.

Whether the curse is real or not, the fact is that for two hundred years, no Duke of Hart has lived to see his heir born.

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Englishmen Mad About Dogs

Cat 243 Doverby Mary Jo

The English are famously fond of their pooches, and so it's both legitimate and fun to add dogs to our stories.  While I mostly add cat characters, I've also written dogs when they seemed to be the best choice.  

Today's post was inspired by a chat with my friend Sally MacKenzie, who writes light-hearted Regencies for Kensington.  Her current Duchess of Love series has significant animal characters, with three books featuring dogs, and one with a mischievous cat named Reggie.  (No, he was not named after my mischievous cat named Reggie.  I think Reggie is just a mischievous name. <G>)

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