Royal succession

Blue2Jo here. With a royal birth in the news, I thought I'd give a brief run down of the situation in late 1817 when there was a royal succession crisis because of a birth that did not go well.

I write my Company of Rogues books along a time line that started in 1814, and though I've gone slowly I've arrived at the great tragedy of the death of Princess Charlotte in childbirth in November 1817. It can hardly be ignored, so it forms part of the plot of next year's book, The Viscount Needs a Wife. Charlotte

People sometimes think that death in childbirth was common in the past. It was more common than now, but not so much so that the death of a young, healthy woman and her baby was taken in stride. The nation was plunged into a genuine and almost manic mourning that continued well into the next year. Court mourning plunged the aristocracy into black, and nearly everyone wore sober colors, black arm bands and similar signs of grief. There were many ramifications, but I'll save those for another post.

In addition to a human tragedy, Charlotte's death created a succession crisis.

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