Romancing the fun!

by Mary Jo

Romance is a positive emotion, and a positive genre.  We tend to be optimistic, glass-is-half-full people.  And we LOVE getting together with our own kind to talk about books and have fun!  

Eloisa James Barbara Vey2016One such reader and author get together is Barbara Vey's annual Reader Appreciation Weekend in Milwaukee.  A veteran of Publishers Weekly, Barbara is a long time journalist and blogger about romance, and she hosted her sixth author and reader get together the last weekend in April.  I attended, and thought you might like to see some pictures about the kind of fun we get up to. (The picture on the left is from 2016, with Eloisa James, who was the keynote speaker, and Barbara Vey.  In hats.)

There are numerous events, but the centerpiece is the Saturday luncheon. This year's keynote speaker was the remarkable Kristan Higgins , who brought the house down Kristan Higginswith her talk. 

At the luncheon, 60 authors host tables, and seven readers sign up to join favorite writers.  The author undertakes to decorate the table and provide gifts for the seven readers.  

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