Beyond Buenos Aires

Sailing into Ushaia

by Mary Jo

I've already blogged about our cruise to Antarctica , but as I mentioned there, we visited other interesting places as well. (The picture above is from sailing into Ushuaia, in Tierra del Fuego.)

A few highlights:

Buenos Aires

It was pleasant sunny summer in Argentina and Buenos Aires was beautiful–a city of trees and sweeping boulevards. One of the largest cities in Latin America and a major port, it's cosmopolitan and multi-ethnic and has been called the Paris of Latin America.

Here is the view from the window of the BA--view from hotelhotel where we stayed for two nights. We tried the tasting menu in the hotel's excellent restaurant and one course was octopus. I approached it warily, and for the first time I experienced octopus as something that wasn't like chewing on a piece of rubber tire. <G>

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